Waterdrop M5 Review 2023: Countertop RO System + Pitcher

The Waterdrop M5 (WD-M5-G) is a combination of a countertop Reverse Osmosis system with a portable water pitcher.

The innovative design brings a lot of benefits to the table such as powerful filtration performance and convenience.

In this Waterdrop M5 review, I’ll discuss all the important things you need to know about this countertop Reverse Osmosis system including its advantages and disadvantages.

Waterdrop M5 RO System Review 2023

Without further ado, let’s dive into the important facts of the Waterdrop WD-M5-G Countertop Reverse Osmosis System.

Waterdrop M5 Review: Product Specifications

  • Powerful RO filtration removes a wide range of harmful contaminants
  • Comes with an 80 oz. high-capacity portable water pitcher
  • Last up to 12 months or 550 gallons of filtration
  • Space-saving design with 180-degree flexible rotation
  • No pump for low-noise operation
  • No electricity is required
  • No built-in tank to prevent secondary pollution
  • And more.

Waterdrop M5 Review: Filtration Performance

The capability of removing contaminants from water is always the main factor when considering a water filtration system.

That’s the main reason why you are searching for a water filter, isn’t it?

The Waterdrop M5 RO System uses a powerful composite filter with 5 stages of filtration to protect your family from over 1,000 harmful contaminants including chlorine, fluoride, lead, mercury, salt, dissolved solids, PFAS, and microorganisms.

The superior filtration capability makes it an ideal solution for city water.

If you are using well water, it is recommended to install a pre-filter before the countertop RO system to improve the efficiency and prolong the main system lifespan.

Because well water is more likely to contain a high concentration of sediments, which could clog the system sooner than expected.

Waterdrop M5 Review: Filtration Stages Breakdown

The Waterdrop M5 Countertop RO System has 5 layers of water filtration, which are:

  1. Sediment PP Membrane – Remove rust, dust, sand, and larger particles.
  2. Premium Carbon Block Filter – Remove chlorine, VOCs, and more organic substances.
  3. Sediment PP Membrane – Remove suspended solids, sediments, and more particles.
  4. RO Membrane – Remove PFAS, lead, mercury, TDS, and microorganisms.
  5. Post-Activated Carbon Block – Improve water taste.
Waterdrop M5 RO System Filtration Stages Image

The core of the filtration system is the RO membrane that comes with 0.0001μm pore size, which removes most of the particles (if not all) from the water including dissolved solids, where most other filtration technologies could not get rid of.

Waterdrop M5 RO System Review: The Pros

  • Great water filtration
  • Portable water pitcher
  • Large capacity pitcher
  • On-demand filtered water supply
  • Auto refilling the water pitcher
  • Good water taste
  • Sleek & modern design
  • Quiet operation
  • No electricity is required

Waterdrop M5 RO System Review: The Cons

  • Need to drill holes during installation
  • Moderate water filtration rate
  • Not suitable for households with low water pressure
  • Take up countertop space

Waterdrop M5 RO System Review: Installation

The installation is simple as all the required parts and components are in the package.

However, you still need to do some drilling if your countertop is yet to have any.

Waterdrop M5 Installation Guide Image

You don’t need to allocate a power socket for the system as it doesn’t require electricity to operate.

Here is the video about the installation of Waterdrop M5 to get you some idea.

Nothing complicated.

Why You Should Buy the Waterdrop M5 Reverse Osmosis System (WD-M5-G)

Here are the main advantages of the Waterdrop M5 Reverse Osmosis System.

Innovative Design

The Waterdrop M5 is a 2-in-1 water filtration system that consists of a countertop RO filter and a water pitcher.

Waterdrop M5 Reverse Osmosis Systen with a Water Pitcher Image

The innovative combination offers a powerful filtration performance without compromising convenience and space, giving you crystal-clean drinking water any time you need.

High-Quality Material

The portable 80 ounces water pitcher is made of 100% BPA-free food-grade Tritan plastic to ensure top-quality drinking water to your family.

Besides, the Tritan plastic is impact-resistant and lightweight too!

Superior Filtration Performance

The powerful 5-stage filtration system cored around Reverse Osmosis can effectively remove 99.99% of harmful contaminants including chlorine taste and odor, dissolved solids, bacteria, and more, making it a reliable choice to protect your family.


The Waterdrop M5 RO System will save you some precious countertop space due to the tankless design and compact body.

Also, its tankless design can prevent secondary pollution or weird water taste caused by the tank when water is kept inside for a long period.

You can also rotate the system up to 180-degree thanks to its flexible design.

Low Noise

The M5 countertop RO system is pumpless, so it only produces a low-level noise (< 20.7 dB) when running, just like the sound of rustling leaves, giving you a peaceful and quiet environment.

No Electricity is Required

The system does not require electricity to operate, so you don’t have to worry whether you have a power socket near the sink or water source area.

Portable & High-capacity Water Pitcher

The water pitcher has a capacity of 80 ounces, which can fill up 8 cups of water at one time, making it an excellent choice for small to large families.

Best part? The M5 countertop system will refill the water pitcher automatically so you don’t have to remind yourself and manually fill up the pitcher, and it only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to fill up an empty pitcher.

Besides, you can also put it inside your fridge to enjoy cold drinking water!

Waterdrop M5 Pitcher in the Fridge Image

Long-lasting Filter

The filter cartridge can last about 12 months or 550 gallons of filtered water, so you only need to replace the filter once a year, which reduces your annual maintenance cost and time.

Also, the filter replacements only take around 3 seconds, which is super-fast!

Note: For a well water source, it is recommended to install a pre-filter or a whole house water filter to reduce the sediments to prolong the lifespan of the M5 countertop RO system.


The Waterdrop M5 has a modern and sleek design, which is nice to put on the countertop in your kitchen!

Waterdrop M5 Sleek and Modern Design Image

If you are looking for a countertop water filter for your office, the Waterdrop M5 is an excellent addition that will not disappoint you.

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1. Can the countertop RO system reduce the TDS level?

Yes, Reverse Osmosis technology is one of the most effective methods in removing dissolved solids from water.

2. Can the Waterdrop M5 RO System remove fluoride and arsenic?

The answer is yes, it can remove both fluoride and arsenic thanks to the RO membrane.

3. How long it will take to fill up the water pitcher?

The water pitcher will be filled up in about 15 to 20 minutes depending on the feed water pressure.

4. How long the filter can last before needing to replace it?

The filter can last about 12 months or 550 gallons of water.


The Waterdrop M5 RO System is a combination of a powerful Reverse Osmosis countertop system with a large capacity self-filling pitcher.

If you are from a medium or large family, you’ll often found that the pitcher in your home is getting drained faster than you could fill it.

With the Waterdrop M5 Countertop RO System, all these issues will be solved.

No more refilling of pitcher frequently as the Waterdrop M5 does all for you, so you will get crystal-clean drinking water on demand.

Packed with so much benefit, if you ever think about it, just do it now!

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Have any questions regarding this Waterdrop M5 review? Just let me know and I’ll try my best to answer you!


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