AquaHomeGroup Shower Filters Review in 2023: Worth Buy?

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Alright, so you are looking for the review of AquaHomeGroup shower filters, right?

Or still, undecide which shower filter shall you get for your home?

Let’s go straight to the points.

I won’t bombard you with tons of unnecessary product details as you can always check them out on the product specification page.

In this article, I’ll share with you all the important details you need to know about the 3 popular types of shower water filters from AquaHomeGroup.

Why do You Need a Shower Filter?

The answer is simple.

Because the water you get from the municipal or your private well is contaminated.

Yes, the water may contain contaminants like chlorine, chemicals, rust, sand, dust, heavy metals, bad odor, bacteria, and more.

Imagine every day you shower your hair, face, and body with this contaminated water…

What will happen to your hair and skin?

Dry and itchy skin, tangle and dull hair, and weak nails – these are just some of the visible problems.

Also, the unpleasant showering experience due to stink water is just a big ‘NO’ to me.

More importantly, the contaminated water is harmful, especially to babies and pets.

If $10 a month can prevent you from facing these awful problems, I don’t see a reason to not install a shower filter.

The 3 Popular Types of Shower Water Filter from AquaHomeGroup

When you came across a shower water filter from AquaHomeGroup, it probably is one of these three:

  • Shower Water Filter – 15-stage filtration media
  • Filtered Shower Head – 15-stage filtration plus Vitamin C+E filtered shower head
  • Filtered Handheld Shower Head – 15-stage filtration plus Vitamin C+E handheld filtered shower head

Here are the images:

Shower Filter
Filtered Shower Head
Handheld Shower Head

The Shower Water Filter features a 15-stage water filtration to reduce harmful contaminants in water including rust, chlorine, bad odor, heavy metals, chemicals, and sediments.

The Filtered Shower Head and Handheld Filtered Shower Head come with an additional filtered shower head that contains a Vitamin C & E cartridge to further enrich the water with beneficial nutrients.

So if you already have a good filtered shower head, you may just go for the shower filter.

Otherwise, you may consider between the filtered shower head and the handheld version.

Don’t worry about the installation, it is quick and simple.

How the AquaHomeGroup Shower Filters Benefit You

When the contaminated water flows through the shower filter or filtered shower head, the bad contaminants got blocked and the filtration media released the beneficial minerals into the water.

Finally, the clean and enriched water flows through your hair, face, and skin and left the good minerals on the path.

It is so refreshing, isn’t it!

AquaHomeGroup Shower Water Filter Review

AquaHomeGroup Shower Filter

AquaHomeGroup shower filters use multiple layers of filtration media like PP cotton, activated carbon, alkaline ceramic balls, calcium sulfite, KDF 55, Maifan stone, Germanium balls, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E to purify and enrich the water.

The AquaHomeGroup shower filter is compatible with rainfall, handheld, wall-mounted, and combo showerheads.

Besides, its premium metal material gives longer durability and enhances the aesthetic of your bathroom.

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AquaHomeGroup Filtered Shower Head Review

Filtered Shower Head

This is the combination of a shower filter and a filtered shower head.

It provides high water pressure to ensure you get the best showering experience.

The filtered shower head contains a Vitamin C+E cartridge to enriches water and provide SPA effects to you when showering.

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AquaHomeGroup Filtered Handheld Shower Head Review

Handheld Filtered Shower Head image

Similar to the AquaHomeGroup Filtered Shower Head, the only difference is this one comes with a holder to give you more flexibility during the showering session.

It has the same Vitamin C & E filter cartridge to make your showering more relax and improving your skin and hair.

AquaHomeGroup discount code: Apply the code “BF10” on the official AquaHomeGroup website checkout page to enjoy an additional 10% discount for all the products!

Pros & Cons of AquaHomeGroup Shower Filters

Overall, the AquaHomeGroup shower filters are excellent choices for your bathroom.


  • Good filtration performance
  • Made from premium metal material
  • Strong water pressure
  • SPA effects
  • Easy to install
  • Last for 6 months
  • Affordable price
  • Good reviews from users


  • Possible dripping issue

One-time Free Filter Cartridge from AquaHomeGroup

Yes, you heard that right.

AquaHomeGroup is offering a one-time free cartridge for each customer who purchased their shower filter or filtered shower head from Amazon or the official website.

All you have to do is fill-up the form at the gift redemption page and leave a little review about your experience of using the product – good or bad.

Note: There is no time limit or deadline to redeem the gift, just make sure you don’t lose the order id.

Summary: What the AquaHomeGroup Shower Water Filters Can Do for You

  • Protect you from dry and itchy skin.
  • Make your hair smoother and softer.
  • Give you stronger nails.
  • Let you showering with odorless and clean water.
  • Enhance your shower experience with SPA effects.
  • Reduce scale build-up due to hard water.

If your water is hard or contaminated, a shower filter is a must to regain your enjoyment in showering!

FAQ for AquaHomeGroup Shower Filters

1. How long does a filter cartridge last?

Each filter cartridge lasts about 6 months (about 10,000 gallons) depending on the water quality and usage.

2. Can I use the AquaHomeGroup shower filters for well water?

Yes, the shower filters can remove heavy metals from the well water.

However, if the well water is very hard or highly contaminated, it is better to install a whole house water filtration system or water softener to treat the water first.

3. What impurities can be removed by the AquaHomeGroup shower filters?

The AquaHomeGroup Shower Water Filter can remove contaminants like chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, sediments, rust, dust, and more.

It can also reduce scale build-up on your bathroom floor.


The AquaHomeGroup shower filters can protect you from dry and itchy skin, dry and dull hair, weak nails, eczema, and dandruff problems.

Additionally, the filtered and enriched shower water will make your hair, skin, and nails softer, shinier, and stronger.

Showering shouldn’t be a disaster, but a refreshing moment!

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