Waterdrop D6 Reverse Osmosis System Review: 600GPD!

If you’re looking to get the purest water possible, it doesn’t get much better than RO water systems. However, finding a reliable RO system can be tough because there are many companies that try to take advantage of the as seen on TV craze by using exaggerated claims or deceptive marketing tactics. But the Waterdrop D6 600GPD Reverse Osmosis System isn’t one of those products!

This Reverse Osmosis water filtration system really delivers in terms of quality and performance, making it one of the best RO systems on the market today.

Feature of Waterdrop D6 RO System 600GPD

6-stage RO Filtration

The RO system comes with an advanced composite RO membrane can effectively remove or reduce a wide range of harmful substances in water down to 0.0001um.

Waterdrop D6 RO System 6-stage RO Filtration Image

Fast 600 GPD Flow Rate

The Waterdrop D6 can supply clean drinking water to your family at up to 600 GPD flow rate, which take only 8 seconds to fill a cup, that’s pretty fast for a RO system!

Waterdrop D6 Reverse Osmosis System Review: Fast 600 GPD Flow Rate Image

Compact & Tankless Design

Its compact body and without tank allow it to be fit under the sink easily. The tankless design prevents bacteria and viruses from building up too.

Waterdrop D6 RO vs Traditional RO System Image

2:1 Drain Ratio

The standard drain ratio for a RO system is 1:3, which is 1 gallons of RO water per 3 gallons of wastewater.

The Waterdrop D6 600 GPD has a low drain ratio of 2:1, which is 2 gallons of RO water per 1 gallons of wastewater, that is about 6 times efficient than a typical RO system.

The higher water efficiency can save your water bills and is better for our environment.

Smart Designer Faucet

Waterdrop D6 under sink Reverse Osmosis system comes with a smart designer faucet which is made of lead-free, brushed nickel that has a high-end screen. The screen shows the real-time TDS level and the remaining life of the filter.

Smart Designer Faucet of Waterdrop D6 Image

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Why Choose Waterdrop D6 600GPD RO System?

The Waterdrop D6 is a highly efficient system that removes more water contaminants from your water supply than other systems in its price range. It’s so good, in fact, that it won an award for Best Value! I think it was well-deserved, as you get several advanced features for what I think is a very reasonable price.

Just look at some of these specifications: six stages of RO filtration, 2:1 drain ratio, and 600 GPD (gallons per day) flow rate. Pretty impressive stuff for such a compact package (just 6 inches by 13 inches).

Plus, it comes with everything you need to start filtering – including all the fittings! You don’t have to worry about anything except installing it. What more could you ask for? Well, how about a money-back guarantee?

That’s right, if you’re not happy with your Waterdrop system within 30 days, they will give you back every penny…no questions asked! They really do want you to be satisfied!

The product also come with a lifetime warranty.

Finally, their customer services are among the best in their field. They were kind enough to answer all my questions. It’s rare when companies go out of their way to make customers feel valued beyond just buying and using their product.

The Pros & Cons of Waterdrop D6 RO System


  • Great water filtration
  • Fast water flow rate
  • Low drain ratio of 2:1
  • Compact and tankless design
  • Smart designer faucet
  • Filter change reminder


  • May need a separate sediment filter to extend the filter lifespan
  • Not effective against viruses

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Installation & Maintenance of Waterdrop D6 600 GPD RO System

The Waterdrop D6 600GPD RO System is easy to install and simple to maintain.

Installation of Waterdrop D6 RO System

There is only one composite RO filter that you need to replace once every year, and the best part is the smart designer faucet will notify you when it is time to change.

Conclusion for Waterdrop D6 Reverse Osmosis System Review

If you’re looking for a low-cost option, it may be worth skipping bottled water entirely and investing in a reverse osmosis system for your home. That’s because bottled water is expensive and wasteful – it produces 2.5 million tons of plastic waste each year.

Rounding out those numbers: roughly $20 billion goes into bottle production, while tap water costs just $0.002 per gallon to produce. This means that even if someone were paying $1 for a 1-liter bottle of imported spring water, they’d still end up spending 20 times more than they would if they used their own RO system at home.

The problem with that math isn’t just financial – it also involves land use and energy consumption when transporting millions of bottles across oceans every year.

Waterdrop D6 promo code: Apply the code “BRIZD6” on the official Waterdrop store to enjoy an exclusive $50 OFF!

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