Sonic Happy Hour: Menu with Prices & Daily Specials 2023

Looking for the Sonic Happy Hour? What is the Sonic Happy Hour menu with prices for foods & drinks? Here’re all the information you need to know.

Sonic Happy Hour Menu with Prices Daily Specials 2023 Food Drinks

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When it comes to scoring a delicious meal without breaking the bank, Sonic Happy Hour is where the savvy eaters gather. Not only does Sonic serve up daily specials that are downright delectable, but during Sonic Happy Hour, you can sip on half-priced drinks and slushes and chow down on mouthwatering ¢99 cent corn dogs – it’s a true bargain bonanza.

Our love for Sonic Happy Hour inspired us to put together a handy guide, where we’ll spill the beans on the best-value items you can savor during this wallet-friendly hour. We’ll dive deep into the Sonic Happy Hour menu, explore the timing to make sure you don’t miss out, and address any burning questions you might have about this tasty deal.

But here’s the twist – we won’t stop at the official Happy Hour menu. We’ll also unveil some money-saving gems that you can enjoy even if they aren’t part of the Sonic Happy Hour lineup. So, if you’re hungry for savings and craving some Sonic goodness, join us as we unravel the secrets of Sonic Happy Hour.

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What Is Sonic Happy Hour?

So, what’s the scoop on Sonic Happy Hour? It’s that golden time every day from 2 PM to 4 PM when Sonic becomes the go-to spot for tasty bites without busting your wallet. Picture this: sweet daily specials that’ll make your taste buds dance, like half-off deals on slushes, limeades, teas, and sodas.

But here’s the real kicker – even if you can’t swing by during those magical Sonic Happy Hour hours, we’ve got a trick up our sleeves. Just snag the Sonic App on your phone, and you’re in for a treat anytime you like. The Sonic Happy Hour menu is just a tap away, waiting to satisfy your cravings, no matter the hour. It’s all about making your taste buds and your budget happy!

Sonic Happy Hour

You got it, Sonic Happy Hour is the daily deal jackpot, happening every single day from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

It’s not just a stop, it’s a routine. When the kids wrap up school, we head straight to Happy Hour at Sonic. Summer vibes, a cool drink, and some homework – it’s the perfect combo. And let’s talk about those prices – they’re wallet-friendly, and those daily deals? Top-notch.

But here’s the real kicker: since Sonic Happy Hour runs all week long, it’s become our go-to whenever the Sonic cravings hit. Half-off drinks with our meals? That’s some sweet savings right there. So, whether it’s a sunny day or you’re just feeling that Sonic urge, Happy Hour’s got you covered, every single day.

Sonic Happy Hour Times

Alright, before we dive into the delicious details of Sonic Happy Hour’s best bargains, let’s get the lowdown on Sonic Happy Hour times. It’s the secret sauce to knowing when to hit up Sonic for maximum savings:

DayHappy Hour Times
Sunday2 PM — 4 PM
Monday2 PM — 4 PM
Tuesday2 PM — 4 PM
Wednesday2 PM — 4 PM
Thursday2 PM — 4 PM
Friday2 PM — 4 PM
Saturday2 PM — 4 PM

What’s On The Sonic Happy Hour Menu?

What’s sizzling on the Sonic Happy Hour Menu, you ask? Well, here’s the tasty lowdown:

You’ve got the kiddos covered with half-off slushes, including the all-time faves like Limeades. And let’s not forget those irresistible ¢99 cent corn dogs that’ll make anyone smile.

But hold on, it gets even juicier! You can also snag half-off deals on refreshing sodas and teas. It’s a lineup that’ll make your taste buds and your wallet do a happy dance.

And if you’re all about savings, don’t sleep on Sonic’s Daily Specials. While most of ’em are drinks, we like to grab some grub from the Happy Hour menu to make the most of our hard-earned bucks. So, whether you’re sipping or munching, Sonic’s got your cravings covered, all at Happy Hour prices!

Sonic Happy Hour Menu & Prices

Alright, let’s dive into the tasty deets of the Sonic Happy Hour Menu & Prices:

We’re talking frozen delights like limeades and slushes, and here’s the kicker – those scrumptious corn dogs will only set you back a single buck. But wait, there’s more! Pretty much all drinks (shakes excluded, sorry shake fans) get sliced in half when it’s Happy Hour o’clock. That’s right, half-off drinks to quench your thirst and half-off corn dogs to satisfy your cravings. It’s a wallet-friendly fiesta at Sonic!

Sonic Happy Hour MenuRegular PriceHappy Hour Price
Real Fruit Slushes$2.99$1.50
Corn Dogs$1.29$1
Candy Slushes$2.49$1.25
Iced Teas$2.19$1.10
Soft Drinks$2.19$1.10
Sonic Splash$2.19$1.10

Sonic Daily Specials

Hey, it’s not just the Happy Hour menu that’s serving up savings at Sonic. Nope, there’s a whole bunch more you’ve gotta check out. Since most of the Happy Hour action is all about drinks, let’s dive into Sonic’s everyday specials that are up for grabs, 24/7.

Here’s your sneak peek at the wallet-friendly wonders of Sonic:

Sonic Daily SpecialsPrice
Jr. Breakfast Burrito$1.19
Jr. Deluxe Burger$1.39
Jr. Deluxe Cheeseburger$1.69
Jr. Double Cheeseburger$1.99
Chicken Strip Sandwich$1.49
Grilled Cheese$1.49
Vanilla Cone$1
Real Ice Cream Sundae$1.99

Yep, Sonic’s got your budget and your taste buds covered with these all-day, everyday specials. So go ahead, savor the savings!

Latest Sonic Deals

Listen up, it’s not just during Happy Hour that Sonic’s serving up the sweetest deals. Oh no, we’ve got a lineup of favorites that’ll have your taste buds and wallet doing a happy dance. Now, keep in mind, some of these are only up for grabs on specific days of the week. So, here’s the lowdown on our top Sonic deals that you won’t want to miss.

1. Half Price Sonic Cheeseburgers

Sonic Happy Hour Latest Deals 1

2. Half Price Drinks & Slushes All Day

Sonic Happy Hour Latest Deals

3. All New Buffalo Chicken Dip Bites

Sonic Happy Hour Latest Deals 2

4. Sonic Happy Hour Half Price Drinks & Slushes

Sonic Happy Hour Latest Deals 3

Sonic Happy Hour Tips

Ready for some Sonic Happy Hour pro tips? These simple hacks will have you savoring the savings like a champ:

  1. Sonic Deals Page Dive: Head over to the Sonic Deals page, where you can uncover some seriously sweet deals on burgers, drinks, and even milkshakes as they roll out. You’ll find a treasure trove of discounts that pair perfectly with the Sonic Happy Hour menu.
  2. Score Freebies with the Sonic App: Get your phone buzzing with excitement by installing the Sonic App. Just for downloading it, you’ll snag a free drink – now, that’s a deal you can’t beat. Plus, with the app, you can enjoy Happy Hour whenever your heart desires.
  3. Be Text Savvy with Sonic: Want to be the first in line for drink and milkshake specials? Sign up for Sonic’s text alerts, and you’ll stay in the loop. It’s your ticket to staying ahead of the game when those tasty deals drop.

With these Sonic Happy Hour tips in your pocket, you’re on your way to becoming a true savings champion. Cheers to budget-friendly bites and sips!

Sonic Operating Hours

Here are the opening hours for Sonic.

DayOpen & Closing Time
Monday10 AM to 11 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 11 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 11 PM
Thursday10 AM to 11 PM
Friday10 AM to 11 PM
Saturday10 AM to 11 PM
Sunday10 AM to 11 PM

Note: Different branch may have different operating hours, please confirm with the branch before going.

FAQ for Sonic Happy Hour

What are the typical hours for Sonic Happy Hour?

Sonic Happy Hour typically runs from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM every day.

What can I expect to find on the Sonic Happy Hour menu?

During Sonic Happy Hour, you’ll discover half-priced drinks, including slushes and limeades, and ¢99 cent corn dogs.

Does Sonic Happy Hour vary by location?

No, Sonic Happy Hour times are generally consistent across all Sonic drive-in locations.

Can I use the Sonic App to access Sonic Happy Hour deals at any time?

Absolutely! Once you’ve got the Sonic App, you can enjoy Sonic Happy Hour deals whenever you please, not just during the designated hours.

Are there any additional daily specials or promotions at Sonic besides Happy Hour?

Yes, Sonic offers a range of daily specials that include a variety of menu items like burgers and sides. These specials are available on specific days of the week.

Conclusion For Sonic Happy Hour Prices

In the world of budget-friendly bites and sippable savings, Sonic Happy Hour & prices stand out like a shining star. It’s that magical time of day when your taste buds can dance to the rhythm of delicious discounts. From half-priced drinks that keep you refreshed to ¢99 cent corn dogs that satisfy your cravings, Sonic Happy Hour is all about giving you more bang for your buck.

But it doesn’t stop there. Sonic goes the extra mile with daily specials that offer incredible value. And here’s the kicker – these deals aren’t just about Happy Hour; they’re available throughout the week, bringing you a taste of Sonic’s goodness whenever you want it.

So whether you’re in it for the Happy Hour menu or the unbeatable prices on their daily specials, Sonic’s got your back. It’s all about enjoying great food without emptying your wallet, and that’s a winning combo that keeps us coming back for more. Cheers to Sonic Happy Hour & prices, where every hour is a happy one for your taste buds and your wallet!

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