Writing Award Scholarship

Dear students, welcome to our writing award scholarship program.

Do you love to do research, survey, and data compilation?

If yes, this is for you.


We want to give away a cash prize worth USD 2,000 to students who are qualify our requirements.

Scholarship Amount: 

$2,000 USD

Deadline (Every 30 September of the year)

Please submit your entry before 30 September to join the scholarship program of that year.


This scholarship program is open to undergraduate students from reputable universities, colleges, education institutes, and schools.

Winner Notification:

The prize winner will be notify by 31st October via phone call or email.


Alright, here’s the requirements, we loved research data, and we are looking for something we like:

Write an article that based on well-research data, survey, and facts on topics related to consumers, digital world, future trends, and Amazon-related.

  • Data supported by trustable sources
  • No plagiarism work is allowed
  • Proofread before submit
  • At least 1500 words
  • Written in English only

Note: We’ve received many irrelevant or out-of-topic submissions, so kindly check the requirements before submit.

Here are some works carried out by our team member (just for referencing):

  1. 50 Consumer Online Retail Shopping & Spending Behavior
  2. 443 Digital Marketing Statistics
  3. 160 Amazing Internet Facts
  4. All You Need To Know About Water Purification System
  5. Best RO Water Filtration System
  6. 16 Best Water Softeners [Review & Ultimate Guide]
  7. Best Whole House Water Filtration System [Buyer Guide]

Submit your entry (in microsoft word or HTML format) to team (at) brizfeel (dot) com together with the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Proof of student (student ID or tag)
  • Phone
  • Email Address
  • Current university/college and major
  • Academic year


  • We will not share your information to the 3rd party.
  • We will never ask for any sensitive data including bank details and credit card number.
  • No joining fee is required to participate in our scholarship program.
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