Coronavirus Impacts on E-Commerce and Retail Markets [Survey]

Coronavirus Impacts on E-Commerce and Retail Markets [Survey]

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I’m sure you heard about the Coronavirus [COVID-19). It’s spreading on a large and rapid scale, infecting thousands of people and causing global crisis. As of 28 March 2020, it’s reported 597,267 cases and 27,365 deaths globally, it’s a disaster for the world! But, what’s the coronavirus Impacts on e-commerce and retail markets? And how it affects the future of e-commerce and retails? Let’s find out.   What Are the Effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak to the World? The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading rapidly across the world, affecting 199 countries and territories and 2 international conveyances (the Diamond Princess cruise […]

online retail shopping behavior

50 Consumers Expenditure Survey, Online Shopping & E-Commerce Trends

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With the growing e-commerce trends, we are curious about the current state of the retail world and how they affect the consumers shopping and spending behaviors. We wanted to know more about the effects of the online shopping trend, internet, and technologies towards the retail world, such as consumers preferences on retail shopping, what are their opinions on the shopping experience, and the future trends in consumers spending. Not only us, we believed many of the online retailers, owners of brick-and-mortar shop, and omnichannel retailers would like to know about the latest e-commerce statistics as well. So, we’ve surveyed over […]

Digital Marketing Statistics 2018

443 Digital Marketing Statistics, Facts, Research Data [Ultimate List]

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Looking for digital marketing statistics and facts? We get you covered here. We spent months to studied and go through dozens of digital marketing facts, reports, surveys, research data, and experimental results from various trusted sources and compiled them into this ultimate statistics list for you. With these well-researched data, statistics, and facts about digital marketing and e-commerce, you are literally saving tons of money and time in collecting the data. Also, these important data and statistics will help you in understanding the current digital marketing state and future trends, which help you in crafting your next successful marketing campaign. […]