10 Best Food Processors For Pie Crust [Review]

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Looking for the best food processor For Pie Crust? You’re in the right place. These are the food processors we used and highly recommend to you!

Best Food Processors For Pie Crust [Review]

Get ready to revolutionize your pie-making game with the ultimate kitchen assistant – the best food processor for pie crust! No more tedious manual cutting, blending, or kneading.

This powerful kitchen powerhouse effortlessly combines buttery goodness and flaky perfection in seconds, giving you more time to savor those delightful homemade pies.

Say goodbye to the fuss and hello to the easiest, quickest, and tastiest pie crusts you’ve ever experienced. Get ready to impress your friends and family with your pie-making prowess with the best food processor for pie crust by your side!

Top 10 Best Food Processors For Pie Crust Review

Now, let us dive deep into the review of each of the best food processors for pie crust.

1. KitchenAid 13-Cup Food Processor [Review]

KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor - 10 Best Food Processor For Pie Crust [Review]

Introducing the ultimate kitchen powerhouse for all your pie crust and meal-prep needs! With a powerful motor and durable blades, this food processor easily tackles tough chopping, shredding, and kneading tasks, making it a breeze to elevate your everyday meals.

From fresh veggies to cheeses, doughs, sauces, salsa, and more, you can chop, shred, precision slice, knead, and mix like a pro. The 3-in-1 feed tube reduces prep time by accommodating a variety of ingredient shapes and sizes, from tomatoes to cucumbers and potatoes.

Clean-up is a snap with the twist-free, one-click bowl assembly and latched lid, and the leak-resistant bowl can be quickly cleaned with warm water and a drop or two of dish soap. Plus, you’ll love the all-in-one storage solution, as all accessories neatly fit into the in-bowl storage caddy that nestles right inside the 13-cup capacity bowl. Whether it’s a quick and fresh salsa for Taco Tuesday or a major slicing event for pizza on Friday night, this food processor has got you covered.

With the externally adjustable Exact Slice disc, you can easily achieve your desired slicing thickness from thick to thin. Say goodbye to time-consuming prep and hello to the perfect pie crusts and hassle-free meal preps with this incredible food processor.

Model KFP1318 includes the food processor itself, a 13-cup work bowl, a multi-purpose blade, an adjustable slicing disc, a reversible shredding disc, a dough blade, and a convenient storage caddy. Get ready to take your culinary skills to the next level!

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2. Cuisinart Elemental Small Food Processor 13-Cup [Review]

Cuisinart Elemental Small Food Processor 13 Cup - 10 Best Food Processor For Pie Crust [Review]

Get ready to tackle any food prep task like a pro with the Cuisinart Elemental 13 Cup Food Processor! This kitchen powerhouse boasts a 550-watt motor, delivering superior performance for chopping, mixing, shredding, slicing, and even dicing ingredients in the same bowl.

Its 13-cup large work bowl and 4-cup smaller, inner nested work bowl provide ample space for party-sized portions of salsa or smaller recipes.

Safety and convenience are at the forefront with Cuisinart’s exclusive patent-pending SealTight Advantage System, ensuring the bowl is tightly sealed and the blade securely locked.

The Supreme wide-mouth feed tube comes with small, medium, and large pushers, making it a breeze to feed ingredients of different sizes. The user-friendly electronic touchpad controls—high, low, off, and pulse—feature illuminating blue LED lights, adding a touch of sophistication to your culinary adventures.

This must-have food processor for pie crust includes essential accessories like the dicing disc with a 10mm grid and cleaning tool, stainless steel chopping/mixing blade with a patented blade lock system, dough blade, and small and large S-blades.

Additionally, it features a stainless steel reversible shredding disc for fine and medium shredding and a stainless steel adjustable slicing disc, allowing you to achieve slices from 0 to 7mm. Please note that these blades and discs are sharp, so handle them with care and refer to the instruction manual for setup guidance.

Cleaning up is a breeze, thanks to the removable dishwasher-safe parts, ensuring your cooking experience remains hassle-free. So, get ready to unleash your culinary creativity with the Cuisinart Elemental 13 Cup Food Processor and take your pie crusts, salsas, sauces, and more to the next level!

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3. KitchenAid 5 Cup Cordless Food Processor [Review]

KitchenAid 5 Cup Cordless Food Chopper - 10 Best Food Processor For Pie Crust [Review]

Get ready to unleash your culinary creativity with the KitchenAid Cordless 5 Cup Food Processor! Powered by a powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this cordless food processor for pie crust offers optimal runtime and performance, giving you the freedom to cook wherever, whatever, and however you choose (Indoor use only).

With its 5-cup BPA-free work bowl and 2-speed settings, you can effortlessly mix, chop, puree, and whip a wide variety of dishes, from chunky pico de gallo to hearty hummus and even whipped cream.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery charges in a snap with the included universal battery charger, compatible with all cordless products in the collection.

You can go from empty to full charge in just 2 hours or less, and a quick 10-minute charge lets you chop up to 11 onions (based on onion size of 90-110 grams). On a full charge, get ready to tackle up to 40 onions, making meal prep a breeze!

Its space-saving and compact design features convenient in-bowl accessory storage, ensuring your kitchen stays organized and clutter-free. The multi-purpose blade and whisk accessory are included and neatly fit inside the 5-cup work bowl, ready to tackle any recipe you throw their way.

Say goodbye to tangled cords and hello to the freedom of cordless cooking with the KitchenAid Cordless 5 Cup Food Processor. Prepare everything from savory salsas to creamy hummus with ease and efficiency. Get ready to elevate your culinary game to new heights!

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4. Cuisinart DLC-2011CHBY Prep 11 Plus 11-Cup Food Processor [Review]

Cuisinart DLC 2011CHBY Prep 11 Plus 11 Cup Food Processor - 10 Best Food Processor For Pie Crust [Review]

Get ready to revolutionize your food prep with the stylish and functional Cuisinart 11-Cup Food Processor! This kitchen powerhouse boasts a seamless blend of style and function, with its brushed stainless finish adding an upscale touch to any kitchen, from contemporary to classic.

Its large capacity and powerful 625-watt motor allow you to tackle any food processing task with speed and precision, making meal preparation a breeze.

Equipped with ultra-sharp stainless steel blades and discs, this food processor ensures fast and consistent food prep, whether you’re chopping, slicing, shredding, mixing, puréeing, or kneading dough.

The Supreme Wide-Mouth Feed Tube accommodates whole fruits and vegetables without the need for pre-cutting, while the attached small and large feed tubes further streamline the process.

With simple touchpad controls, operating this food processor is a breeze. The On, Off, Pulse, and Dough buttons give you full control over the processing, and the Pulse function lets you customize the food texture to your liking.

Knead your dough to perfection with the PowerPrep dough blade, making homemade bread and pie crusts easier than ever.

The Cuisinart 11-Cup Food Processor is the ultimate multitasker, handling everything from family-sized tasks to smaller jobs effortlessly.

With a set that includes a stainless steel medium slicing disc, a stainless steel shredding disc, and a versatile chopping/mixing/kneading blade, this food processor is ready to tackle any recipe in the included recipe/instruction book.

Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. Get ready to save time and energy in the kitchen with this powerful and stylish food processor by your side!

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5. Cuisinart Food Processor 14-Cup [Review]

Cuisinart Food Processor 14 Cup - 10 Best Food Processor For Pie Crust [Review]

Introducing the Cuisinart Premium Food Processor – a popular choice with a mighty 720-watt motor, perfect for all your dough kneading tasks! This powerhouse comes equipped with every essential feature for your kitchen activities, making it the ultimate companion for pie crust perfection.

The first thing that sets this food processor apart is its impressive power. With a heavy-duty 720-watt motor, it excels at handling all basic food processing tasks, ensuring thorough and efficient dough kneading. Its above-average power delivers exceptional results, making your pie crusts effortlessly delectable.

Ideal for cooking for a crowd, this food processor boasts a generous 14-cup size. With such high capacity, you can process large amounts of food without any fuss, giving you ample space to knead the dough without making a mess.

For precise pie crust preparation, the processor offers three-speed buttons: on, off, and pulse. This pulse control feature allows you to better control the process, giving you the perfect consistency for your pie crusts.

While featuring durable stainless steel blades, it’s worth noting that the slicing and shredding blades are not adjustable. However, this spacious food processor still maintains a small footprint, ensuring it’s practical for daily use and easily fits into your kitchen routine.

Effortless to operate, it makes chopping garlic and other items a breeze, streamlining your cooking experience. When you need a large and powerful food processor that excels at kneading dough and preparing pies, look no further – this is the ultimate option for mastering your pie crusts.

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6. Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap Food Processor [Review]

Hamilton Beach Stack Snap Food Processor - 10 Best Food Processor For Pie Crust [Review]

Get ready for a budget-friendly powerhouse – the Hamilton Beach Food Processor! While it may not boast the same power and capacity as the Cuisinart counterpart, it still delivers decent performance, making it a worthwhile choice in our book.

Let’s talk power – with a 450-watt motor, it may not match the might of Cuisinart’s, but it still gets the job done. While not ideal for handling very large-sized foods, it’s more than capable of kneading dough for pizzas and other recipes.

Speaking of capacity, this mid-size food processor offers a respectable 12 cups, providing ample space to handle significant amounts of dough. Its sealed bowl and large feeding tube ensure thorough food processing, making it efficient and effective.

Now, let’s focus on the star of the show – the blades! Equipped with stainless steel S-blades and reversible discs, this food processor effortlessly cuts through even thick pieces of dough, making pie crust preparation a breeze.

While it may not be the most powerful option out there, its affordable price and significant features make it a strong contender for the best food processor for pie crust. So, if you’re looking for an economical yet effective solution for your pie-making adventures, the Hamilton Beach Food Processor has got your back!

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7. Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor [Review]

Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor - 10 Best Food Processor For Pie Crust [Review]

Introducing the Braun Food Processor – a dynamic and versatile kitchen companion! While not as powerful as the Breville counterpart, this 12-cup food processor packs an average 600 watts, perfect for handling low-key dough kneading tasks with ease.

But hold on, there’s more – it comes with a game-changing juicer attachment that lets you not only prepare delicious food but also your favorite juices!

Let’s talk power – the 600-watt motor may be less than some others, but don’t underestimate its capabilities. When you push it to the limit, it reaches 900 watts, more than sufficient to thoroughly handle dough and perform simple processes in the kitchen.

Now, let’s talk blades and speed – with several blade attachments and variable speed adjustment, this food processor ensures easy food cutting and gives you the control to achieve even results. The pulse mode lets you customize the speed of the process, guaranteeing precise outcomes.

But wait, there’s even more! The standout feature of this food processor is the juicer attachment. Easily whip up your favorite juices with the help of this convenient addition, taking your culinary experience to a whole new level.

Cleanup? A breeze! The Braun food processor boasts dishwasher-safe parts, making maintenance a piece of cake.

In a nutshell, with its powerful motor and versatile features, this food processor is a top-notch choice for pie crust perfection and so much more. Embrace the Braun Food Processor’s dynamic capabilities and elevate your kitchen adventures to new heights!

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8. Breville Sous Chef 12 Cup Food Processor [Review]

Breville Sous Chef 12 Cup Food Processor - 10 Best Food Processor For Pie Crust [Review]

Say hello to the baker’s best friend – the Breville Sous Chef 12 Food Processor! With its heavy-duty 1000-watt motor and medium 12-cup capacity, this dynamic kitchen companion is ready to tackle anything you throw its way, making it a game-changer for pie crust perfection.

Despite its powerful motor, the Sous Chef 12 maintains a medium size, ensuring it won’t hog your precious counter space. Get ready for smooth and thorough kneading like never before, thanks to the direct-drive control system that transfers torque directly from the motor to the output device.

No need to worry about additional parts breaking over time; this synchronous motor takes care of that, providing durability and longevity. Feel confident enough to prepare dough for multiple pie crusts at once, as the Sous Chef 12 is designed to handle high loads with ease.

Say goodbye to the hassle of chopping up ingredients before processing – the Sous Chef 12 comes equipped with three different feeding tubes: a 1 1/2″ mini chute, a 2 ¾” medium chute, and a 5″ large chute. The days of tedious chopping are over; this food processor ensures a seamless and efficient prep process.

In a nutshell, the Breville Sous Chef 12 is a true game-changer for bakers and anyone seeking the perfect pie crust. With its powerful motor, clever design, and efficient feeding tubes, it promises smooth, thorough, and hassle-free pie crust preparation every time. Elevate your baking game and make your pie dreams a reality with the Sous Chef 12 Food Processor by your side!

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9. Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor [Review]

Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor - 10 Best Food Processor For Pie Crust [Review]

Discover the innovation of Ninja with their 9-cup food processor – a small to medium-sized powerhouse that packs a punch! Despite its slightly smaller cup capacity, this dynamic appliance boasts a mighty 1000-watt motor, making it a steal of a deal as the only food processor for pie crust under $200 with such power.

Here’s the game-changer – Ninja’s 4 Auto-IQ Intelligent Preset Programs. These innovative features take the guesswork out of food processing, effortlessly achieving your preferred textures for various ingredients. Worried about overprocessing your dough? No problem! Let Ninja’s preset functions handle the task for you.

But wait, there’s more! Ninja claims that their Professional Plus food processor can knead two pounds of dough in just thirty seconds. Say goodbye to those days of manual dough kneading; Ninja’s got your back!

In short, Ninja once again proves its prowess in delivering cutting-edge kitchen appliances, and their Professional Plus food processor is no exception.

With its powerful motor, intelligent preset programs, and rapid dough kneading capabilities, it’s a top-notch option for achieving the perfect pie crust and so much more. Say hello to convenience and innovation with the Ninja Professional Plus Food Processor!

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10. Cuisinart 7 Cup Food Processor [Review]

Cuisinart 7 Cup Food Processor - 10 Best Food Processor For Pie Crust [Review]

Say goodbye to the notion that bigger is always better when it comes to food processors for pie recipes! The Cuisinart 7 offers the perfect balance with its small to medium size, boasting a 7-cup capacity and a powerful 600-watt motor.

Compact and efficient, this 7-cup food processor is the ideal kitchen companion, taking up minimal counter and storage space while delivering exceptional performance. The 600-watt motor ensures you have more than enough power to knead the perfect amount of dough that fits into its mixing bowl.

With the Cuisinart 7, chopping and pureeing ingredients becomes a breeze, thanks to its multiple disks and blades that spin simultaneously. But here’s the best part – it won’t run unless all attachments are properly locked into place, ensuring added safety during operation.

The Cuisinart 7 is the ultimate food processor for pie crust perfection, providing the ideal balance of size, power, and safety. Say hello to efficient pie-making with this dynamic and compact kitchen tool. Get ready to take your pie recipes to the next level with the Cuisinart 7 Food Processor!

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How to Choose the Best Food Processors for Pie Crust?

Food processors are versatile tools for creating various types of pie crusts, thanks to their multi-purpose S-blades that typically come standard.

If your specific model includes a dough blade, it’s an excellent option for preparing flour and butter crusts commonly found on fruit pies.

For the perfect 9-inch pie, opt for a 7-cup food processor or larger, providing you with ample capacity. Adjust the size of the food processor based on the quantity of pie crust you intend to make, but it’s always better to have a little extra capacity to ensure smooth and efficient preparation.

What are the Features You Need for the Best Food Processors for Pie Crust?

In a classic pie crust recipe, you’ll find simple ingredients like flour, salt, fat (butter, lard, or shortening), and water.

 The secret to achieving that irresistibly flaky texture lies in using very cold fat. A food processor is the perfect tool to cut nearly frozen fat into the flour, preventing it from melting and compromising the crust’s flakiness.

Look for a food processor with essential features like a convenient feed tube that allows you to pour in liquids while your dough comes together.

A specialized dough blade is a must for creating those traditional, buttery, and flaky pie crusts that everyone loves.

And don’t forget the pulse function – it ensures you don’t overwork your dough, leading to a perfect pie crust every time. Embrace the magic of a food processor and create flaky, delectable pie crusts that will leave everyone craving more!

What is the Ideal Size of the Food Processors for Pie Crust?

You don’t need a large food processor to achieve a fantastic flaky pie crust. In fact, for small individual pies, even a 3-cup capacity food processor will do the job.

But keep in mind that a 3-cup size might not be as practical for larger families. Unless you live alone, we suggest opting for at least a 7-cup capacity food processor.

When it comes to making dough, having some extra room inside the food processor is always beneficial.

For a standard 9-inch pie, we recommend a minimum of a 7-cup size food processor. This ensures you have the perfect amount of space to work your magic and create a delightful pie crust that will impress everyone!

What Type of Blades You Need for the Food Processors for Pie Crust?

Among the variety of food processor blades available, there are two main contenders for crafting a delicious pie crust: the dough blade attachment and the standard S-shaped blade.

Dough blades work wonders for kneading dough, ensuring it doesn’t heat up and affect the dough’s rise. However, they may not be the best fit for every type of pie crust recipe.

Don’t fret, though – you can still put the dough blade to great use for crumb or flour crust recipes, or even when making bread dough.

Yet, for certain pie crust recipes that require cutting up butter while mixing, like pumpkin pie crust, the dough blade falls short. Its plastic blade merely smushes and folds the dough, missing that final mixing step.

To ace your pie crust preparation, closely examine the method your recipe calls for, and make sure to choose the right blade for the job. Whether it’s the dough blade for kneading or the S-shaped blade for buttery mixing, you’ll be well-equipped to whip up a pie crust that’s simply divine!

How Much Power Do You Need for the Food Processors for Pie Crust?

The power of your food processor’s motor plays a crucial role in how well it handles pie dough kneading. If you’re eyeing food processors with less than a 5-cup capacity, a 250-watt motor will do the job just fine.

However, for the average 8-12 cup food processor, you’ll need more power to tackle the task efficiently, ranging between 450-1000 watts. A higher wattage motor allows for faster dough kneading, but be cautious not to overprocess it.

When choosing a food processor for making pie crusts, ensure it comes with a pulse function. It’s all too easy to overprocess dough, leading to a ruined pie crust.

The pulse setting comes to the rescue, allowing you to fine-tune your dough towards the end of the kneading process, ensuring the perfect pie crust every time.

With the right motor strength and the pulse function in place, get ready to impress with flawless pie crusts that will leave everyone wanting seconds!

Best Food Processor For Pie Crust: FAQ

What size food processor is best for making pie crust?

For making pie crust, a food processor with at least a 7-cup capacity is recommended. This size provides ample space to handle standard 9-inch pie crusts and allows for smooth dough preparation.

Can I use a dough blade attachment for all types of pie crust recipes?

While dough blades work well for kneading dough without heating it up, they may not be suitable for all pie crust recipes. For some recipes that require cutting up butter while mixing, like pumpkin pie crust, a standard S-shaped blade might be more appropriate.

How powerful should the motor be for kneading pie dough?

The motor’s strength depends on the amount of pie dough you expect to knead. For food processors with less than a 5-cup capacity, a 250-watt motor should suffice. However, for larger food processors (8-12 cups), opt for a more powerful motor ranging from 450 to 1000 watts for faster and efficient kneading.

What is the importance of a pulse function in a food processor for pie crusts?

The pulse function is essential when making pie crusts to avoid overprocessing the dough. It allows you to fine-tune the kneading process, ensuring you achieve the perfect texture for your pie crust without risk of ruining it.

Can I make different types of pie crusts with a food processor?

Yes, a food processor equipped with the appropriate blades and attachments can handle various pie crust recipes. You can use the dough blade for traditional buttery and flaky pie crusts, while other blades work well for crumb or flour crusts, and even bread dough. Just ensure you select the right blade for the specific pie crust method your recipe calls for.

Try Out The Best Food Processor For Pie Crust Now!

So there you have it, folks! When it comes to finding the best food processor for pie crusts, it’s all about striking that perfect balance.

Look for a size that fits your needs, with at least a 7-cup capacity to handle those scrumptious 9-inch pies. Don’t forget the power – aim for a motor between 450 to 1000 watts for swift and smooth dough kneading!

And hey, let’s not overlook the importance of having the right blades. Whether it’s a trusty dough blade or the versatile S-shaped blade, you’ll be whipping up pie crusts like a pro in no time. Oh, and don’t forget that game-changing pulse function to fine-tune your dough – we’re talking pie crust perfection!

So, grab that food processor, get your ingredients ready, and let the pie-making adventure begin. From classic buttery crusts to creative flour or crumb recipes, the best food processor for pie crusts is your key to delectable desserts and happy taste buds. Let’s slice, dice, and knead our way to pie heaven – one flaky crust at a time!

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