Berkey Shower Filter Review: Should You Buy It?


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When it comes to water filters for showers, the Berkey shower filter is one of the popular ones. This is because it prevents you from being exposed to lots of chlorine, odors, and germs. In this Berkey shower filter review, I will tell you everything about how the Berkey shower filter works, its performance and features, its pros and cons, and its installation and maintenance. Let’s dive in.

Berkey Shower Filter Review: Performance and Features

Berkey Shower Filter Review: Performance and Features

Berkey shower filter stands out from other shower filters. This is because it filters approximately 95% chlorine, odors, and germs yet come at the same price as other shower filters, which do not perform everything the Berkey shower filter does. The features and performance of the Berkey shower filter are listed below.

Berkey shower filter can be used for approximately 1500 showers. However, if you want to enjoy its best performance, you should use it for a year. This is because it filters only about 50 to 75 percent of chlorine, odors, and germs after a year.

The Berkey shower filter removes dirt, germs, odors, scale, fungi, and chlorine from the water to ensure that the amount of time, mold, and mildew that comes out of your shower is non-existent or at its minimum. It also ensures that you don’t absorb chemical residues or inhale fumes that can come when you shower.

The Berkey shower filter comes in the dimension 11 x 7 cm. It can be used for hot or cold water and gives a uniform water distribution, making it good for all hair and skin types as it protects even the sensitive ones.

The Berkey shower filter showerhead has a back-flush attachment so that the filter doesn’t clog as it filters mold, chlorine, and dirt from the water in the shower. It also has a pre-installed KDF filter which uses redox to remove dirt, chlorine, and mold.

Berkey Shower Filter Review: The Pros and Cons

Like every other thing out there, the Berkey shower filter comes with its advantages and disadvantages, and it is important that you know them so that you can weigh your options before purchasing it. The Berkey shower filter’s pros and cons are explained in detail below.


It has a longer lifespan than the average shower filter. At optimal performance, the Berkey shower filter lasts for a year. Even if you decide not to replace it immediately after one year, it still works, which makes you enjoy the shower filter and, at the same time, save money as you don’t have to replace it every few months.

It protects your body from harmful chemicals. This is what makes Berkey shower filter top-notch. You are exposed to chlorine the most when you shower, which can damage your health. Berkey shower filter ensures that 95% chlorine is removed from your water and you don’t inhale harmful chemicals. It also removes dirt, fungi, and mold in water, making your hair and body healthy.

It comes in two options for you to choose from and save you some money. You can use the Berkey shower filter with your own showerhead. If you don’t want to change your showerhead immediately, you can buy the Berkey shower filter without a showerhead. If you need a new showerhead, you can buy the Berkey shower head filter.

It is easy to install the Berkey shower filter. You do not need a long time to install the shower filter as it takes a few minutes, which saves time and also ensures you can start using it immediately.


Its design makes it easy to crack or break. Berkey shower filter has a plastic design which makes it easy to break when it falls, so you need to be careful when using it.

It doesn’t have NSF/ANSI certification. If you are someone who cannot use a shower filter that doesn’t have NSF/ANSI certification, then I’m sorry to disappoint you. There is no evidence that the Berkey shower filter has NSF/ANSI certification.

Berkey Shower Filter Review: Installation and Maintenance

Berkey shower filter is easy to install, and when you purchase the product, it comes with a step-by-step guide on how to install it. Its installation takes only a few minutes, and you don’t need to hire a plumber or anyone to do it for you. Here is how to install the Berkey shower filter.

  1. Remove your showerhead, take the filter and screw it to the shower arm.
  2. Run water through it for about 3 to 5 minutes, then attach your showerhead back.
  3. Your Berkey bath filter has been installed.

Berkey shower filter is easy to maintain. Change it once a year and wipe the filter housing as you clean your bathroom. You can also backwash the Berkey shower filter. To backwash, turn the filter around and run hot water through it for about 5 minutes. It will remove remnants of dirt in the filter media.

Conclusion for Berkey Shower Filter Review

Berkey shower filter is hands-down one of the best shower filters in the United States of America. It doesn’t just filter dirt, molds, and algae. It protects your body from excessive exposure to chlorine.

Berkey water filter for shower focuses on removing chlorine from the water. However, it also reduces traces of fluoride. It doesn’t focus on eliminating fluoride because fluoride is usually harmful when you drink it, and you don’t usually drink your shower water. Furthermore, breathing in little fluoride does not harm the body, but when you consistently breathe in chlorine, it damages your body.

Berkey shower filter remains one of the favorites of USA users of shower filter because of its health benefits and how it protects the hair and body from harmful chemicals. I can confidently say it’s a good shower filter choice for you to invest in.

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